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Humanofort Embryonic PeptidesHumanofort Embryonic Peptides Informative report concerning the clinical experiment on oligopeptides with the Humanofort product.

Humanofort is a natural nutritive supplement, of Romanian origin, obtained from partially incubated chicken eggs.  By an original patented procedure. By administration, per os, to human beings, especially to old persons, one obtained benefic effects, both clinically, and as proved by biochemical analyses.

From the beginning, we draw attention to those who might be concerned that the oligopeptides contained in the Humanofort should not be confused with synthetic medicines or with the different food products on the market (eggs powder).

The oligopeptides are obtained by grinding, molecular screening, and purification by preparative chronographic columns using Sephadex, the whole procedure being patented, and subsequently awarded with prizes at the International Show Rooms of Inventions in Brussels and Geneva.

With the limited technical possibilities existing in Romania, the oligopeptides had been purified and partly studied. So, two bioactive fractions had been isolated, one with a molecular weight (MW) of 5,000 daltons and the other of 10,000 daltons. In vitro, both peptides have the properties stimulating cell growth and division. In addition, in vivo, we observed a significant decrease in oxidative stress, and an adjustment of the patients’ lipid metabolism.

THE SCOPE OF OUR RESEARCH is to demonstrate that oligopeptides-therapy can be updated by means of modern techniques. The scientific research performed during the last years demonstrated the stimulating effect of stem cells and growth factors, as regulators of metabolic processes in organisms,  – inducers of the adjustment.

Humanofort was homologated in Romania as a nutritive supplement. Humanofort has being distributed 24 years ago on the American market. No claims were received during this period from the consumers’ part.

Although some American scientists and businessmen expressed their skepticism, however Dr. Eric Serrano from Pickerington Laboratory – Ohio, checked clinically the oligopeptides effect from the Humanofort and discovered surprising properties.

We applied Dr. Serrano’s protocol, as rigorously as possible, on a double number of subjects, the results are contained in this report.
In the interpretation of the results obtained by us, we considered that a statistic computation is not required, as used in the case of pharmacologic-clinic studies (probability, X2, a.s.o.) because each subject has been its own witness. A number of 20 biochemical and immunological parameters before and after the treatment with the Humanofort had been performed with each subject. In addition, as you can see in the tables here enclosed, in the case of several parameters, the variations after treatment had been significant and grouped toward the benefic effects of normalization within the physiological limits.

The subjects had been selected by randomizing, according to their age (over 50 years old), and the increased initial value of total cholesterol. The sample of subjects is of course reduced enough, but the study could be extended to a greater number of persons corresponding to a numerous population.

The lot of 40 subjects over 50 years old comprised volunteers, 18 men and 22 women, selected from family doctors’ files in Bucharest.

The results had been so edifying for the most part of the studied parameters. The modifications that took place in the lipid metabolism draw especially our attention, being well known that older persons have frequent dyslipidemias. We studied also endocrine modifications, and the growth factors, frequently modified in aged persons. As we showed in the general catalog, we performed clinical preliminary studies on human beings for control, demonstration of the lack of toxicity, and Placebo’s effect.

Working manner
As we mentioned above, one took over previous blood samples from the persons involved in this study, after that they received the Humanofort product for two months of ambulatory treatment. After this period, one took over again blood and urine samples. Each person used four (4) capsules per day, two in the morning, and two in the evening, receiving 200 mg of active embryonic peptides per day. The biological samples had been processed with the European MedicCover Rombel Laboratory, having an ISO international license.

The results obtained are associated with this report, both for each person involved and as their general interpretation.

  1. The first interpretation performed on 40 subjects belongs to Dr. Radu Olinescu.
  2. The second one, performed on a number of 14 subjects from 40 subjects, belongs to Dr. Florin Oancea, but these results are the most significant because they had been medically supervised rigorously, in a stationary hospital.


  1. The Humanofort oligopeptides can be considered as an inducer in the first stages of life evolution, having a role in the adjustment of the essential metabolic processes, especially the lipid, and endocrine ones.
  2. The Humanofort peptides had been studied physiologically by radioactive marker techniques (markers with Iodine125 and H3). So, it was proved that the Humanofort peptides penetrate through the membranes – intestinal barrier in blood, in contradiction with some ancient opinions, in compliance with which only the amino acids can cross this barrier.
  3. The oligopeptides pass directly from the intestine in blood, being taken over in the sanguine circulation. Humanofort is delivered as capsules that allow the crossing of the stomach, and the dissolution at the intestinal pH level.

The Humanofort peptides’ destiny could be different. Some of them could be indifferent to the cell receivers and will be eliminated by the renal way (having the molecular weight reduced).

Other Humanofort peptides could be attracted toward receivers with affinity from the cell membrane, where could be taken over in triggering some intra-cell adjustment mechanisms (feed-back, or feed-before type) modifying some phases in the synthesis, or the effect of some hormones by homeostasis mechanisms.

Yours sincerely,
The authors: Dr. Gh. Mihãescu
Dr. Radu Olinescu
Dr. Florin Oancea


No. 2065/18.05.2005 

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