What is Humanofort?

HUMANOFORT™ is a nutritive supplement extracted and purified from embryonated chicken eggs according to an original procedure under license. HUMANOFORT™ received suitable consent from the Romanian Ministry of Health. The main components of HUMANOFORT™ are two oligopeptides of 5,000 and 10,000 D molecular. HUMANOFORT™ is a safe, naturally occurring food extract that contains two specific, standardized bioactive peptides capable of surviving digestion and efficiently entering the bloodstream. The peptides are extracted from chicken embryos using a patented process that guarantees a sterile preparation. This product is described as a pharmaceutically standardized chicken embryo extract. It is reported to contain naturally occurring growth factors made of groups of low molecular weight oligopeptides. The low molecular weight of these growth factors makes them able to cross the digestive barrier, where they are then transported to their specific receptor sites. Humanofort alters the output of hormones by the adrenal glands.

HUMANOFORT™contains natural oligopeptides, growth factors, and essential amino acids with powerful cell-stimulating properties which naturally helps to:

  • support cortisol production
  • promote joint, ligament, and tendon health
  • promotes healthy glucose levels
  • supports the adrenal cortex function
  • promote gland health and function
  • changing the levels of hormones in the body
  • raising testosterone and lowering estrogen

This is partly the reason why Humanofort™ doesn’t require cycling as other products do; rather than adding anything foreign to the body, the supplement simply changes how the body acts. HUMANOFORT™ is alleged to cause an increase in libido. HUMANOFORT™ is considered by some to be beneficial to bodybuilders due to the advertised effects it can have on the body. Its maker claims that the supplement aids post-workout recovery time by reducing the amount of cortisol in the body.

Although HUMANOFORT™ is not going to help you build dramatic muscles it may help you with your workout. As a natural dietary supplement, there are few known side effects to taking HUMANOFORT™. People may take HUMANOFORT™ for a few different reasons. HUMANOFORT™ helps the body to normalize leptin levels, helping to maintain optimal weight. Researchers have discovered that leptin, a natural protein produced by fat, appears to play an important role in how the body manages its supply of fat.

HUMANOFORT™ can reduce post-workout lactic acid, which means athletes will have less recovery pain as well as a faster recovery. The other benefit of testosterone, and therefore HUMANOFORT™, for athletes and bodybuilders, is that it helps burn fat faster. This can also result in increased muscle mass. Due to the increase in testosterone, other benefits of HUMANOFORT™ may include an increased sex drive. Furthermore, it may increase your sperm count and delay the onset of menopause.

An increase in testosterone has been proven to help repair muscle tissue, leading to the development of larger muscles. In addition, testosterone has been linked to increased metabolism, which can help burn fatty tissues. Increased levels of testosterone in the bloodstream can cause heightened muscle development and less fatty tissue around the body. 


What is Humanofort? 

What are The HUMANOFORT™ Benefits

Oxygen forms unstable molecular particles, known as free radicals that attach to other molecules and damage healthy tissue. The body needs antioxidants to prevent or slow the breakdown of tissue by oxygen. Clinical studies conducted on patients aged fifty and over revealed that the HUMANOFORT™ treated group showed a 72% increase in antioxidants. Support Healthy Sleep: HUMANOFORT™ has bio-stimulating properties which allow the body to naturally increase adrenal gland output and normalize adrenal hormone production. These bio-stimulating properties have been shown to support healthy sleep. The results are impressive and have been listed above. Any adult could benefit from Humanofort™. Athletes and all active people will find Humanofort™ of considerable help. Anyone over the age of twenty-five (25) should take Humanofort™ as part of their anti-aging regimen. Does this mean I will look and feel younger? Yes, you will definitely feel a lot younger.


What is Humanofort? 

What are the affects of HUMANOFORT™ on Aging

The body does not have a clock. It does not know how old it is. Because of the way Humanofort™ works, your body’s cells and organs will begin to function optimally. Aging “Baby Boomers” will find the cellular rejuvenation properties of Humanofort™ of particular interest in reversing the aging process at a cellular level. Studies have shown that improved cellular signaling will help reduce age-related disease and illnesses.” With Humanofort™, which contains a powerful adaptogen, it is not only possible to reverse the symptoms of aging. As you get older your hormone levels begin to decrease. By getting doses of HUMANOFORT™ you may be getting the hormones you need to stay younger longer. Humanofort™can be taken by both men and women, so both genders can benefit from the supplement. Humanofort™ also gives you more energy, helps you sleep longer, and increases your memory. All of these results may also aid in the anti-aging effects that are being touted by users of Humanofort™. Humanofort™ Side Effects Since Humanofort™ is a natural extract made from embryos. amino acids and short amino acid chains are known as oligopeptides. Studies conducted by researchers at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Romania showed that Humanofort’s peptides contained protective qualities as well as cell stimulating properties. When peptides activate fibroblast growth factor receptors, those receptors promote healing and support many cellular processes. Slow The Effects Of Aging Process: The “free radicals” theory of aging is now generally accepted as the primary cause of deterioration in the human body. 

Humanofort™ will start Cellular Rejuvenation by stimulating the CTGF (Connective Tissue Growth Factors) peptides that promote collagen accumulation in the body. This will show amazing results to help alleviate Joint Pain in a very short period of time, speed up your recovery time and energy.

What is Humanofort?